Becoming an Approved Training Provider for the Credentialing Program

Would you like to be approved as a training provider for the Community Engagement Professional Credentialing Program?

Campus Compact wishes to identify, encourage, and publicize relevant training opportunities, offered by third party providers, that align with the CEP Credentialing Program’s micro-credential competency areas.

Guidelines for Approved Trainings

“Approved trainings” are those which Campus Compact has reviewed and vetted as optional preparatory experiences for CEPs seeking to earn one or more of our 15 competency-based micro-credentials.

Proposed trainings should be designed to support CEPs seeking to improve or enhance their professional knowledge, skills, and effectiveness.

A qualified training experience could take a variety of forms but should be a specific learning program (e.g., course, seminar series, workshop, etc.) based on guided instruction, grounded in a clear curriculum, and deliberately designed to achieve specific learning goals that are well aligned with one or more of the CEP credentialing program’s micro-credential competency areas.

We are especially seeking to identify trainings aligned with the key competencies of these currently-available micro-credentials.

If you, or the organization of which you are a part, is interested in seeking approval as a training provider, please fill out and submit the following webform on our website:


Campus Compact will evaluate proposed training experiences through an assessment of provider expertise and program content and select those we believe will significantly advance CEPs’ understanding or improve their practice in one or more micro-credential competency areas.  If approved, the training will be publicized as an optional preparatory experience on our credential website and within the micro-credential application system.

Campus Compact understands that the format, cost, and length of training opportunities may vary considerably.  Ultimately, our interest is to compile a wide range of opportunities in order to meet the diverse needs, desires, availability, and cost-points of interested CEPs.

Please direct questions about the credentialing program to Clayton Hurd, director of professional learning, at