Preparation Opportunities

Support and Preparation

For individuals seeking professional learning activities that are aligned with the core competency area of the CEP Credentialing Program, Campus Compact offers information about two distinct kinds of preparation opportunities:  communities of practice & approved training opportunities. While these opportunities are optional for those applying, they can play an important role in helping you prepare your credential application(s).

1. Communities of practice (CoPs)

Current CoP opportunities can be found here.

A CoP is a learning community, or collegial network, that Campus Compact defines as “a group of people who share interest in an area of inquiry and engage in collective learning about that issue as it relates to their work or practice. Through discussions, joint activities, and relationship building, the community of practice develops a shared and individual repertoire of resources, skills, and knowledge to use in their practice.” (MN Campus Compact). We believe that CoPs can play an important role in helping CEPs prepare and apply for core competency credentials by providing participants with: (a) a space to share, reflect on, and build their knowledge around key competencies they are expected to demonstrate to earn certification, and (b) a valued cohort experience for collegial support as they reflect on their professional practice and prepare to submit required materials as part of the application process. CoPs are not focused on content delivery but rather fundamentally designed to provide collegial support for those pursuing core competency credentials. CoP offerings listed on our website are reviewed and approved by Compact Compact and offered free of charge to participants. When approving a specific CoP for the credentialing program, we look to assure that its design is democratic and that it embraces and embodies the following equity-based principles: that (a) everyone has knowledge to share, (b) everyone has learning to do, and (c) participants bring many identities and ways of knowing and that such diverse expressions should be encouraged and incorporated into CoP activities.  Unlike a training opportunity described above, a CoP is by its nature less didactic, instructional, and content driven;  learning goals are identified in process and strived for in a collective manner.

2. Approved training opportunities

Current approved training opportunities can be found here.

An approved training opportunity is a specific learning program (e.g., course, seminar series, workshop, etc.), offered by a third party provider, designed to help individuals improve or enhance their professional knowledge, skills, and effectiveness. Trainings are based on guided instruction, grounded in a clear curriculum, and deliberately designed to achieve specific learning goals. Approved training opportunities are those that have been reviewed by Campus Compact staff who look closely at the content and quality of the experience and identify which key competencies in a core credential area are addressed. Approved trainings are those we believe will help CEPs advance their understanding or improve their practice in one or more core competency areas. 

Interested in becoming an approved training provider for the CEP Credentialing Program? If so, please visit here, or contact Clayton Hurd at