Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements Overview

  1. Contact information
  2. Self-diagnostic of competencies in institutionalizing engagement
  3. Curriculum vitae/resumé: Upload a current resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  4. Brief description of professional development experiences in institutionalizing engagement: Briefly list professional learning opportunities (formal and informal) in which you have participated over the last 3 years that are relevant to the core competency area.
  5. Personal Reflection on structural and cultural changes that have aided institutionalization at your institution: Describe what structural changes and changes in beliefs and cultural practices have helped advance institutionalization of civic and community engagement at your institution, and what challenges still remain.
  6. Upload of artifacts: Upload and annotate materials that you feel illustrate your experiences and competency in institutionalizing engagement (e.g., assessments, strategic planning documents, policy documents, event or program descriptions, etc.)
  7. Self-Assessment of personal strengths and areas for growth & action plan: Briefly describe what they feel are your greatest strengths, or competencies, in leading change to institutionalize engagement as well as where you feel there is need for personal or professional growth. Follow this by sharing a brief personal action plan to outline your trajectory of future professional learning related to the competencies for this area.