Submission Requirements for Equity and Inclusion credential

Submission Requirements

Note: Specific guidelines and prompts are provided within the application system to support your submission of relevant materials.  You may also consult the Preparation Guidebook for the Equity & Inclusion Credential.

    1. Current resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
    2. Brief description the institutional context(s) in which you work and your role as it relates to community engagement programming and partnerships (prompt provided)
    3. Brief listing of relevant professional learning opportunities in which you have recently participated that relate to equity and inclusion in community engagement work.
    4. Reflective self-analysis: Reflection on personal experience and knowledge as it relates to diversity, equity, (anti-)racism, and inclusion, and how your experience and knowledge shape your commitments and actions as a community engagement professional (prompt and guiding questions provided
    5. Institutional Analysis: Analysis of your unit’s stated commitments to diversity, equity, anti-racism, and inclusion;  the strategies being pursuing to advance DEI through community engagement programming; and the successes, opportunities, and challenges/tensions you see to achieve those goals, including the identification of equity gaps (prompt and guiding questions provided)
    6. Evidence of DEI knowledge, experience, and commitments in your practice as a CEP: Provide annotated artifacts demonstrating manners of carrying out commitments to diversity, equity, anti-racism, and inclusion in your role as a CEP with reference to specific practices, activities, programming, or policies
    7. Self-Assessment of personal strengths and areas for growth & action plan: Brief description of professional strengths in advancing DEI and areas of potential growth; creation of a personal action plan that outlines trajectory of future learning related to diversity, equity, anti-racism, and inclusion.