Enrollment Periods

2020-21 Enrollment Periods 

There are three (3) enrollment periods in which to apply for core competency credentials per calendar year. The current and upcoming enrollment periods are the following: 

  • CURRENT CYCLE: Opened on January 1, 2021, closes on May 12, 2021. All application materials must be submitted by May 12 to earn a core competency credential in this cycle
  • Next cycle: May 15 –  August 30, 2021

Core competency credential applications can be initiated at any point during an enrollment period. The submission fee is $60 per core competency credential application. An application initiated within a particular period must be finished and submitted within that same enrollment period. At the end of each enrollment period, un-submitted applications will be removed from the system.  Individuals may begin new applications in new enrollment period. 

In special cases and by advanced request, an applicant may carry over an un-submitted application into the next enrollment period, but the movement will be subject to an application renewal fee of $60. Such requests should be made before the end of the enrollment period and directed to credential@compact.org.