Submission Requirements for Engaged Research Core Credential

Submission Requirements Overview

  1. Self-assessment of competency in supporting engaged faculty development: All applicants are encouraged to complete the self-assessment survey before beginning work on this core credential application.
  2. Brief listing of professional development experiences related to engaged research: Applicant is asked to list professional development opportunities in which they have participated over the last 3 years that are relevant to the core competency area.
  3. Curriculum vitae (CV) or Resume
  4. Required annotated artifacts:  Upload and annotate the following materials:
    1.  Artifact(s) of public dissemination of engaged research project(s)  [E.g, policy papers, peer-reviewed publication, educational program, community-led interventions, etc.]
    2. Artifact that provides an overview of a community-based research project in which you participated, discussing such aspects as guiding principles, theoretical frameworks, and models and methods of collaborative planning, implementation, and evaluation

  5. Additional annotated resources: We encourage you to share any other materials that you feel illustrate your competencies and experiences facilitating engaged research. This could include examples of products created or disseminated collaboratively with community partners, human subjects application, artifacts related to meetings or visioning sessions with partners, or the like.
  6. Community partner reflection/Letter of support: Solicit a letter from an individual in a community partner organization with whom you’ve collaborated in research and who can speak about their work with you in a higher education community partnership capacity.
  7. Reflective self-assessment of areas of personal strength/growth & action plan: Briefly describe what you feel are your greatest strengths, or competencies, in engaged research as well as where you feel there is need for personal or professional growth. Follow this by sharing a brief personal action plan to outline your trajectory of future professional learning related to the competency area.
Evaluation Rubric for Engaged Research Credential