Key Competencies for Community Engagement Fundamentals

Key Competencies

We define “key competencies” in this micro-credential area as the knowledge, skills, and critical commitments that must be mobilized by CEPs to accurately and elaborately represent the foundations of the field and the breadth of community-engaged work.

By earning this micro-credential, an individual has demonstrated their knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of various conceptualizations of community and a working definition of community engagement.
  • Knowledge of a set of guiding principles for ethical and effective community engagement.
  • Knowledge of different modes of public service and civic engagement.
  • Ability to explain how effective community partnerships are related to the community engagement work of a college or university campus.
  • Ability to describe the nature of a strong community-campus partnership.
  • Ability to articulate the importance of equity and inclusion in engagement work, including the opportunities and challenges inherent in engaging participants across lines of social difference.
  • Ability to describe the roles of engaged faculty, staff, and students on an engaged campus and the issue they face.
  • Knowledge of examples of effective community and civic engaged teaching.
  • Knowledge of examples of effective community and civic engaged research.