Submission Requirements for Assessment and Evaluation Core Credential

Submission Requirements Overview

  1. Contact information
  2. Self-diagnostic of competencies in program administration
  3. Curriculum vitae/resumé: Upload a current resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  4. Brief description of professional development experiences in assessment and evaluation: Briefly list professional learning opportunities (formal and informal) in which you have participated over the last 3 years that are relevant to the core competency area.
  5. Logic model or road map of assessment: Provide a logic model or other graphic representation (“road map”) that helps articulate or guide your approach to tracking, assessment, and evaluation of civic and community engagement at your institution.
  6. Upload of artifacts: Upload and annotate materials that you feel illustrate your experiences and competency in program administration (e.g., assessments, presentations, event or program descriptions, resource provided to stakeholders, etc.)
  7. Self-Assessment of personal strengths and areas for growth & action plan: Briefly describe what they feel are your greatest strengths, or competencies, in assessment and evaluation as well as where you feel there is need for personal or professional growth. Follow this by sharing a brief personal action plan to outline your trajectory of future professional learning related to assessment and evaluation.