How do I become a Campus Compact-certified CEP?

To earn certification through the CEP Credentialing Program, community engagement professionals may apply for and earn micro-credentials that recognize their competency in specific areas of community engagement. Each earned micro-credential is a time-limited recognition that verifies an individual has met established proficiency requirements in that competency area through an eligibility application and assessment. In other words, earning a micro-credential validates the competencies that a professional already has developed in a certain area of community engagement by requiring that they demonstrate those competencies in particular ways, such as through written, oral, practical, or observational means.

While each earned micro-credential is considered an independent certification, CEPs may combine the micro-credentials they earn to apply for recognition as a fully-certified Campus Compact Community Engagement Professional. To apply for full certification, a candidate must earn micro-credentials in the three core competency areas (Community Engagement Fundamentals, Community Partnerships, Equity & Inclusion) as well as earn three additional micro-credentials in competency areas of their choice (i.e., three among the remaining eleven micro-credentials). Once a candidate has fulfilled this requirement, they may submit a brief personal statement that will qualify them to be considered for full certification.



All Three Core Competencies


Plus Three of the Remaining 11 Competencies